Naranjo, Madeline – Jar with Thunderbirds

3"w x 3.25"h

$ 350.00

Madeline Naranjo creates beautifully carved and polished pottery.  Each piece is pinch-built, carved, stone polished, and traditionally fired.  She is one of the few Santa Clara potters who create pinch pottery instead of coil-built vessels.  This jar has straight sides.  There is a thunderbird carved into each side.  They are deeply carved into the clay with lots of sharp edges and angles. The thunderbirds are matte with a diamond-shaped area in the center that is polished. The remainder of the jar is fully polished.  Her matte areas are sanded and perfectly smooth so that there are no indentations or areas where the matte might make a shadow.  Her designs are always innovative and beautifully executed.  The jar is signed on the bottom, “Madeline Naranjo”.