Naranjo, Madeline – “Shards of Our Ancestors” Jar

3.5"w x 3.25"h

$ 350.00

This is an exceptional jar by Madeline Naranjo.  She is known for her deeply carved and polished pottery. This bowl is entitled, “Shards of our Ancestors”.  Madeline thoughtfully said of this piece:

“The pot shards are the designs on this piece.  I think my inspiration here is that we learn from our past so we can continue forward.”

The jar is thin-walled and fully polished on the top.  Below the shoulder, she has carved four pottery shards which she has then painted black-on-black.  They are placed as if they are shards which have been found and inset into the jar.  Her painted designs are a striking complement to the highly polished surface.   The jar is signed on the bottom.