Naranjo, Stephanie – Polychrome Koshari Figures and Canteen

Koshari Clowns: 2" tall each (approx) Canteen: 1.25"h

$ 175.00

These are polychrome figures by Stephanie Naranjo. Stephanie is a granddaughter of Luther Gutierrez and a great-niece of Margaret Gutierrez. She learned to make pottery from her father and great-aunt.  There are three koshari clown figures.  Each is painted with various clay slips and then traditionally fired.  The corn husks on the top of their heads were added after firing.  There is also a polychrome painted canteen. The canteen has a bird on one side and a lizard on the other.  Each piece is signed “Stephanie Naranjo”.  They are each in very good condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.