Natseway, Charmae – Jar with Plant Designs

5.5"w x 5.75"h

$ 450.00

Charmae Natseway is known for her exceptional painted pottery and use of distinctive forms. This jar has a wide shoulder and a straight neck.  The area around the shoulder is painted with corn and squash designs.  There are additional cloud motifs.  The inspiration for these designs comes from a famous Acoma jar with plant designs, which is in the Metropolitan Museum in New York City  (see last photo).  The neck of the ajr has a triangular cloud pattern.  It is very tightly painted and note the very thin lines!  The piece is signed on the bottom, “Charmae Natseway”.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.  Charmae has long been exceptional in her painting and pottery forms.