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Navasie, Joy “Frogwoman” – Water Jar with Hopi Birds (1980’s)

Navasie, Joy “Frogwoman” – Water Jar with Hopi Birds (1980’s)

5.5"w x 5.25"h
$ 650.00
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This jar by Joy “Frog Woman” Navasie is a striking shape.  The jar has a round shoulder and a turned out rim.  The piece is fully designed with four panels painted around the sides.  The jar is slipped with the white clay and then painted with a red clay slips and bee-weed (black).   Two panels are birds and the other two are cloud and rain designs.  The red is a deeper red clay she began to use in the 1980’s.  The jar is very finely painted with delicate lines.  What is really wonderful about the jar is the firing. There are just slight blushes so the jar is not a perfect white, but the colors from the firing create almost a “meringue” color.  The jar is signed on the bottom with her Frog Hallmark.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.  

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