Ortiz, Dominck – Clay Cochiti Bear

5" long x 4"h

$ 175.00

Dominick Ortiz learned to make pottery from his grandmother and his uncle, Virgil Ortiz.  He says of his pottery, “My uncle says to try making new styles as they will become traditional down the road.  I want to create pieces that are my own so they will be recognized as my very own trademark.  People will know exactly who made them”.  The bear piece is coil built and painted with native clay slips and wild spinach (black) and traditionally fired.  While the bear is a simple standing figure it also resonates with the classic bear storytellers made by his grandmother, Seferina Ortiz.  It is signed on the foot, “D. Ortiz”.   Dominick is featured in the new book, “Clay Mirror”.  There is definitely a charm about the bear’s smile!