Ortiz, Guadalupe – Clay Figure and Drum (2005)

Clay Figure: 4.5"w x 5.75"h Drum: 9"w x 6.25"h

$ 850.00

Guadalupe Ortiz was the husband of noted potter Seferina Ortiz and the father of Virgil, Joyce, Janice, and Inez Ortiz.  He learned to make pottery from Seferina and his work has a whimsical charm.  While he made pottery, was probably more famous for his Cochiti Drums.  This is one of his clay figures and one of his drums. The clay figure is a woman wearing a manta and painted with bee-weed (black) and red clay slips.  It was traditionally fired. The figure is signed on the bottom, “Guadalupe Ortiz’.  The drum is carved from wood and hand-painted in white, black, and blue.  It is signed “G. Ortiz”.  Both are in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.  They wore originally purchase directly from Guadalupe as a pair.  Definitely two great pieces of both his art forms!