Ortiz, Guadalupe – Clay Frog with Vest and Raincloud (2002)

5"w x 5" long x 3.5"h

$ 300.00

Guadalupe Ortiz was the husband of noted potter Seferina Ortiz and the father of Virgil, Joyce, Janice, and Inez Ortiz.  He learned to make pottery from Seferina and his work has a whimsical charm.  The frog is slab-built and painted with wild spinach (black) and traditionally fired.  They are simple with a folk-art look, yet they certainly evoke a smile! Each frog he made was different using traditional design elements, such as cloud, rain and plant symbols as part of the iconography on each piece.  This frog is one of the largest we’ve had.  It is wearing a vest and has a Cochiti rain cloud design on the back.  It is signed, “G. Ortiz”.  It is in every good condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.