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Ortiz, Virgil – 21″ Tall Monos “Madame Butterfly Opera Singer” (1999)

Ortiz, Virgil – 21″ Tall Monos “Madame Butterfly Opera Singer” (1999)

11"w x 21.5"h
$ 9,800.00
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The figurative work of Virgil Ortiz is based on the historic Monos figures from Cochiti Pueblo which began in the 1880’s.  The figures were created as social commentary in a world where various cultures were quickly filtering in and assimilating into New Mexico with the arrival of the railroads. This is one of the taller traditional-style figures we have had from Virgil. Amazingly, the entire piece is coil built so that it is hollow.  The designs are painted on the clay surface using wild spinach (a local plant).  This figure is one of his “opera singers” who Virgil called, “Madame Butterfly”, with her butterfly wings.  He created a series of “opera singers” in the late 1990’s and they remain one of the most sought-after of his earlier works.  Note the incredible detail in the dress with the tiny tendril of designs.  There are extensions of the wings on the side.  The face is dramatic and expressive!  There is something wonderfully powerful about the pieces in terms of design and scale!  The use of traditional and contemporary imagery has become a standard for Virgil’s pottery, continuing to push the boundaries of contemporary Native clay.  This piece is signed on the bottom.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.

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