Ortiz, Virgil – “Puppy Power” Clay Sculpture

$ 9,800.00

The pieces Virgil Ortiz has created an exceptional new series of pieces for “Taboo II:  Fearless.  Unshaken. Inspiring”. Virgil has focuses on various new topics of social commentary.  Each piece is coil built, painted with wild spinach (black) and clay slips.  This piece is entitled, “Puppy Power”.  Virgil says of this piece:

“Dogs.  We dress them up, we take them out on parade, we lavish them with gifts.  For many, that’s not enough and they want to enter the world of dogs themselves.  Sure, Puppy Play looks like a kink, with the leather and hoods and tails.  But it’s a world scene created by men and women and it’s one that is not about control but about love and affection. It seeks to show a way to navigate our lives away from the ordinary into the unknown.  It may seem silly to wear a tail and ears, but is it any sillier to dress up our dogs in a dress and shoes?” – Virgil Ortiz

Interestingly, Virgil’s first major exhibit at the Wheelwright, entitled, “Clay People” focused primarily on S&M figures.  That is a topic which, nearly two decades later, remains “taboo” but which Virgil seems to utilize with ease.  It may be the feeling of discomfort but there is also humor within the context of his work.  Virgil looks at both sides of “puppy power” and creates incredible clay work of technical complexity.

TABOO II: Fearless. Unshaken. Inspiring