Patricio, Felicita – Four-Color Jar with Plant Designs (22 years old)

7"w x 7"h

$ 550.00

Felicita Patricio (b. 1997) is a 22-year-old daughter of noted potter Robert Patricio.  This jar is coil built and thin-walled. It has a classic water jar shape with a high shoulder and a short neck.  The jar is painted with a classic Acoma style plant design.  There are four sections of design which interconnect as the jar is turned.  The black is bee-weed (a plant) and there are two other colors of red clay for the design. The base of the jar is also slipped in red clay.  The red area on the bottom of the jar is often called the “sunset ridge”.  The jar is signed “F. Patricio”.  It is exciting to have work in the gallery by young, talented potters!