Patricio, Georgia – “Sunrise and Rainbows” Fineline Jar

6"w x 6"h

$ 400.00

Georgia Patricio is a daughter of Lucy Juanico and a granddaughter of Joselita Ray and learned to make pottery from her mother.  Each piece is coil-built and patined with wild spinach and clay slips.  This jar is painted with a complex pattern.  The jar has angular rainbow bands around the neck in eight rows. The rainbow band then swirls around the sides of the jar.  Above the rainbow is the setting sun and under the rainbow is the rising sun. The sun rays are painted with thin lines that accentuate the shape and detail of the jar.  There geometric designs on the top of the shoulder accentuate the “op-art” style of the design on the neck.  The black-and-white coloration gives the jar a very modernist appearance.  It is signed on the bottom, “G. Patricio”.