Patricio, Robert – Four Color Water Jar with Acoma Birds and Rain Designs

11"w x 10"h

$ 2,600.00


This is a complex designed water jar by Robert Patricio.  This jar with a high shoulder and a short neck.  The jar has rain clouds and mountains around the neck and near the shoulder. The rain is painted with thin lines.  There is an additional band of thin lines around the shoulder of the jar.  The central band has eight large Acoma birds encircling the peice. They alternate between red and orange clay slips. Robert has used the white of the clay to create a dramatic.  The base is painted with red clay.  It is signed on the bottom, “R.  M.  Patricio”.  The jar is an exciting extension of his artistry in clay and continuing the amazing Acoma legacy.   

Robert said recently of his pottery:

““The pottery inspires me to keep going.  Keeping the tradition alive in making pottery, that’s how we were brought up.  Our ancestors started making pottery.  It’s amazing what comes of a piece of clay. When you come to Acoma it’s peacuful and quite.  When you look a piece of pottery, you see the same peacefulness.”   Robert Patricio, 2020