Patricio, Robert – Large Jar with Sun and Rain Designs

11"w x 11.5"h

$ 1,975.00

This is a striking larger jar by Robert Patricio.  He is known for his classic forms and use of both traditional and pre-historic imagery.  This jar is coil-built and thin-walled. It has a classic water jar shape with a high shoulder and a sloping neck.  The jar is painted with one of the most famous Acoma designs.  Why is it famous? It is a design that was often used by his paternal aunts Rachael and Florence Aragon.  I asked Robert if he would consider trying this complicated pattern and the result is quite stunning.  The second to last photo is one of Robert holding the vessel.  There are rain and cloud designs around the neck of the jar.   Around the shoulder are sun and rain designs.  The base has additional rain and cloud patterns.  Note the use of the fine-line patterns throughout the jar.  One other aspect of this piece is that has one of the most inspirational Acoma designs which found its way into the pottery of other pueblos. The teardrop-shaped horizontal design is one that, with some modification, is seen on the San Ildefonso work of Tonita Roybal.   The last photo is a section of a piece by Tonita with her stylized version of this design!  It is great to see an artist reviving a classic design that is deeply imbued with historic context and creating it in a manner that is in itself, artistically elegant in form and design.  Robert is certainly one of the leading traditional Acoma potters working today which is evidenced by his stunning forms and complementary designs.  The jar is signed on the bottom, “R. M. Patricio”.