Pavatea, Garnet – Large Oval Bowl and Ladle (1960s)

11.5" long x 9"w x 5"h Bowl 8" long Ladle

$ 1,800.00

This is an exceptional large oval bowl and ladle by Garnet Pavatea.  Garnet was known for her use of corrugated pottery, but also for her utilitarian forms and intricately painted designs. The bowl is oval in shape and it is fully polished on the outside and the inside.  The inside is polished red. The exterior has traditional cloud, rain and lightning designs.  The ladle is made to sit in the bowl and it has a cloud design painted on the top of the handle.  Both pieces were traditionally fired so there are light blushes on the surface.  Both the ladle and the oval bowl are a signed “Garnet Pavatea”.  They are both in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.