Pourier, Kevin – Buffalo Horn 17 Inlaid Dragonflies Sculpture

12" long x 2.5"w

$ 9,500.00

Kevin and Valerie Pourier are Oglala Lakota. Their home and studio are located on the Pine Ridge Reservation – Medicine Root District, just on the northern edge of the Badlands area of the reservation. The inspirational and material source of the Pourierʼs work is rightly ascribed to what also happens to be the Lakota Peopleʼs first name, Pte Oyate kin, the Buffalo People.  As partners, they are pleased to cultivate the idea that their work not only comes out of the lifeways of the People but is, moreover, a new cultural artform.  Each piece is hand cut from buffalo horn, which is then carved and inlaid with stones.  This is one of Kevin’s iconic “cup”.  It is based on a historic Crazy Horse buffalo horn cup, which was inset with earth pigment colors.  Kevin has modified this concept to create his inlaid versions using part of the buffalo horn.  There are 17 dragonflies cut into the horn. They are then inlaid with mother-of-pearl shell, which is then polished to give it a shine and smooth surface.  It is a stunning piece in the complexity of design and creativity.  Kevin’s jewelry and sculpture can be found in museums throughout the US.  He has won numerous awards for his work, including “Best of Show” at Santa Fe Indian Market in 2019.  We are pleased to represent his work at our galleries in Santa Fe and Scottsdale.

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