Qoyawayma, Al – Butterfly Woman Vase

5.5"w x 9"h

$ 5,800.00

Al Qoyawayma is well known for his innovative Hopi pottery.  This jar employs his classic technical style of repousse.  What is repousse?  It means that the clay is pushed in from the front to create the oval shape for the design and that the figure is then pushed out from the inside! The figure on this piece is a Butterfly Woman stylized after Hopi mural drawings.  The figure is actually pushed out from the inside and is not applique (i.e. clay added to the surface).  While this is a time-consuming process, the results are dramatic. The figure is wonderfully detailed.  The remainder of the jar is fully polished in contrast to the matte area of the design.  Note the slight asymmetry to the rim.  The jar is signed on the bottom.