Qoyawayma, Al – “Corn Maiden” Bronze AP (1985)

5"w x 12"h

$ 3,800.00 $ 3,400.00

Al Qoyawayma is famous for his pottery, but he has also created a series of bronzes.  This piece is entitled, “Corn Maiden” and was first cast in 1985.  The design is inspired by Al’s clay work.  This is a Corn Maiden figure, wrapped in a blanket with the corn on the front.  In clay, the corn would be in repousse or pushed out from the inside and the textured to look like corn.  The patina on the figure gives it nearly the appearance of clay.  The piece is an edition of 30 and this is an AP (Artist Proof).    It is signed on the bottom in the clay “Al Qoyawayma”.  It is in excellent condition.