Qoyawayma, Al – Large Sikyatki Inspired Polychrome Bowl

12"w x 5.5"h

$ 13,000.00

This large jar by Al Qoyawayma is a amazing piece with sophisticated clay work and beautiful detail in the carved designs.  The jar has an elegant shape with a narrow base and a wide shoulder with a slightly turned out neck.  Al looks back to the past for inspiration in his designs on his polychrome pottery.  He is also thinking about the future and historic “what if”, in the sense that how would Hopi pottery have evolved if no Western contact.  His polychrome pieces are often a response to this thoughtful query.  This jar has Sikytaki inspired patterns with bird, plant and corn patterns.  The corn design is carved in relief on the surface of the jar.  The small green slipped bird is a perfect addition to the piece!  All the carving is accented with various clay colors.  There are several colors on the top of this piece that are very difficult to achieve in a polished form (such as the tan and yellow colors!). This piece is a striking balance of form, sculpture, color and design!  The jar is signed on the bottom in the clay.

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