Qoyawayma, Al – Lidded Jar with Mosquito Man Design

5"w x 7"h (w/ lid)

$ 4,900.00

This jar is an unusual shape for Al Qoyawayma.  The jar has a base which then extends out to the body of the piece. The entire piece is fully polished tan with one carved area of design. The image is the “mosquito man”, which is seen on Kiva Murals and pre-historic pottery throughout the Southwest.  Note the various levels of carving on this piece from the face of the figure all the way to the stars in the sky. All the various colorations are natural clay slips which are matte and polished.  The lid is another unique shape, which seems to replicate the overall shape of the jar.  It is a stunning piece with simplicity in form but complexity in the design.  The last photo is of the “Mosquito Man” mural at Pottery Mound, NM.