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Qoyawayma, Al – Two Spout Polychrome Stirrup Jar

Qoyawayma, Al – Two Spout Polychrome Stirrup Jar

10" long x 6"h
$ 8,500.00
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This stirrup jar by Al Qoyawayma is inspired by historic pieces with a similar handle and wide body. The jar has two spouts and he has carved on both sides of the piece.  The design on one side is a wave pattern, while the other has a prayer feather pattern.   The carved areas are also polished, which is striking with this carving of some of the sections!  The ends are carved with a figure and a sun design.  The colors are derived from various clay slips.  The contrast of carved, polished and matte surfaces works beautifully on this piece.  The various layers of carving allow for him to give additional depth to the piece.

In stock

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