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Quotskuyva, Dextra – Bowl with Red Tail Hawk Design (1980’s)

Quotskuyva, Dextra – Bowl with Red Tail Hawk Design (1980’s)

6.75"w x 4.5"h
$ 3,800.00
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This is a traditional bowl by Dextra Quotskuyva.  She is certainly one of the great innovators among Hopi-Tewa potters.  Her work began with more classic imagery and then has evolved over the years to more unique and stylized designs. This piece is from the mid-1980’s, which can be seen in the color of the red clay, as well as her signature.  The bowl has a series of Red Tail hawk tail feathers painted in four sections.  Separating each of them is a triangular design, which represents the back and wings of the birds.  The red areas are stone polished and the black is painted with bee-weed (a plant). The bowl is traditionally fired so that there are blushes and color variations around the surface.  It is signed on the bottom with bee-weed, “Dextra” with an ear of corn representing the Corn Clan.   The jar is in very good condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.  Dextra has been the subject of a retrospective of her pottery at the Museum of Indian Art and Culture called, “Painted Perfection“.

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