Quotskuyva, Dextra – Large 7 Color Polished Bowl with Bird Designs (1980s)

12.75"w x 3.75"h

$ 10,200.00

WOW!  This is an exceptional large jar by Dextra Quostkuyva Nampeyo.  She is certainly one of the most influential Hopi-Tewa potters of the last 50 years. Not only did she teach numerous potters (Steve Lucas, Yvonne Lucas, Les Namingha, Loren Ami, Hisi Nampeyo, to name just a few), but her creative designs and forms dramatically influenced Hopi-Tewa pottery itself.  This is a very large piece of her pottery.  The shape is the classic Sikyatki form, which is wide and flat. The entire piece is fully polished.  The design on top is a series of birds.  All the various colors are polished, not matte!  There are SEVEN different colors on the top of the jar.  This is always more difficult for potters, as when they paint a clay slip next to another one, there is always the chance they will mix or overlap and the piece will have to be repainted.  Here the surface is dynamic with color and motion.  The bowl is from the 1980s.  It is signed on the bottom, “Dextra ” with a corn plant denoting her being Corn Clan.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair. Simple, elegant and a classic!