Ray, Marilyn Henderson – Large Storyteller with 9 Kids and Animals (1997)

8.25" long x 8.5"h

$ 1,400.00

WOW!  This is an exceptional storyteller by Marilyn Henderson Ray.  She is known for her intricate storytellers and figurative scenes. This storyteller is from 1997. It is very interactive with nine children, butterflies, a cat, a dog, and a bird.  Each of the children is in a different sense of movement.  The mother is holding a seedpot with a lizard and one of the girls is holding a canteen.  It is both a charming and whimsical piece.  It is complicated in form and highly detailed in design.  The entire piece is painted with various clay slips.  The storyteller is signed on the bottom, “M. Henderson Ray”.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.