Roller, Jeff – Box with Sun Design and Mountain Lion Lid (2019)

6.5" long x 4.25"w x 4"h

$ 3,200.00

This is a very intricate carved box by Jeff Roller.  Jeff is a grandson of Margaret Tafoya and continues a family legacy of extraordinary traditional pottery.  The box part of the piece is deeply carved with a sun and mountain design on two sides.  The opposite ends have a cloud pattern.  There are additional incised lines for the rays of the sun. The lid is also made from Santa Clara clay.  It is a sculptural mountain lion lying down!  There is some great detail in the tail and head of the figure!  It looks great with the ears up!  The bottom of the lid extends downward so that it fits into the inside rim of the box.  The piece is traditionally fired to a brownish-red coloration creating some exceptional color variations.  It is a striking and complex piece.  It is signed on the bottom in the clay, “Jeff Roller”.

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