Roller, Jeff – Cloud and Eagle Feather Raindrop Rim Water Jar

9.75"w x 12.75"h

$ 5,500.00

This is a striking larger water jar by Jeff Roller.  Jeff is a son of Toni Roller and a grandson of Margaret Tafoya.  He continues a family legacy of extraordinary traditional pottery.  This jar is coil built, stone polished and traditionally fired black. The jar has a “raindrop” rim, and it is fully polished.  The neck and top of the should of the jar are etched with design. There is a cloud or “kiva step” pattern above a feather pattern.  Note the style of the feathers, as they are similar in form to those carved by his mother, Toni.  Around the shoulder, the jar is etched with a deeper band and a water design.  The contrast of the polished and etched surfaces, along with the size, are what make this piece so impressive!  It is signed on the bottom in the clay, “Jeff Roller”.