Romero, Diego – “In the Beginning” Open Bowl

12.5" diameter x 5" deep $7000

Diego Romero was one of the potters around 1990 to break away from more classic shapes and styles of pottery. He returned to a pre-contact style of Mimbres culture (1100’s in southwest New Mexico) and was inspired by the open bowl shape. This has been his “canvas” throughout most of his career. The imagery evolves, changes and tells a narrative of his life and interests.  This very intricately painted bowl is entitled, “In the Beginning“.  It has the center panel there are all three of Diego’s iconic figures, Hound, Coyote and Fox.  They are at that defining moment of creation, with each of them in an intertwined dance in the cosmos.  The bowl is flared out and it is painted with a classic Mimbres design.  It is signed on the rim, “Chongo Made Me, Chongo Painted Me”.  The bowl is in perfect condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.

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