Romero, Mateo – “Te-Nadi #3″ Oil on Canvas (24″ x 30”)

24" x 30"

$ 2,800.00

Mateo Romero is from Cochiti Pueblo and is the brother of noted potter Diego Romero.  Mateo is known for his oil paintings on canvas.  His recent series is entitled, “Te-Nadi” or, “Winter”.  They are striking landscapes painted with depth and with striking coloration. This painting is entitled “Te-Nadi #3” and it is oil on canvas with a wrapped canvas and no frame.

“These paintings reflect a pattern of evolution and change. The images are powerful, imposing, juxtaposed with swirling gestural paint marks and drips. Timeless, archaic elements of Pueblo culture are juxtaposed with contemporary abstract expressionist palette knife and brush work. Overall, the paintings develop a rhythmic, hypnotic, trancelike feeling which is referential to the metaphysical space of the Pueblo and the region.”  Mateo Romero

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