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Romero, Mike – Steatite Eagle Fetish

Romero, Mike – Steatite Eagle Fetish

2.75" long
$ 55.00
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Mike Romero is from Taos Pueblo and married to potter Susan “Snowflake” Romero.  While he helped with her pottery over the years, he also carved fetish figures.  This eagle is carved from steatite and there is a fetish bundle around the neck.  He has an amazing old-style type of carving.  Mike rarely carves today, the piece is from a collection from the 1990’s.

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Romero, Mike

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Mike Romero

Mike Romero is the husband of noted potter Susan "Snowflake" Romero. He has helped her with her pottery over the years but is better known for his traditional carved fetishes. Mike is from Taos and his carvings are more traditional in style.
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