Romero, Susan “Snowflake” – Realistic Rabbit and Mimbres Rabbit Seedpot

2.25"w x 2.5"h

$ 500.00

Susan “Snowflake” Romero’s pottery is highly polished and intricately etched with detailed imagery.  Many of her skills are ones that she learned from her father, Joseph Lonewolf. This larger seedpot gave her more space for intricate designs. There is a realistic rabbit head on the top. On the sides are three Mimbres rabbits.  Each is very different. One is by a plant and eating a flower.  The next is standing on the back of a worm.  Note the complex incised design separating the two figures!  The final rabbit has a medicine shield and rain designs.  The entire piece is carved at various levels and the designs manifest in both matte and polished areas.   It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair and signed on the bottom.  It is signed on the bottom in the clay, “Pho-Sa-We”, or “Snowflake”, her name in Tewa.