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Roybal, Tonita – Jar with Lightning & Bird Feather Design (1920’s)

Roybal, Tonita – Jar with Lightning & Bird Feather Design (1920’s)

6.25"w x 5.25"h
$ 1,100.00
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This is an classic jar by Tonita Roybal, from the 1920’s.  What is most distinctive about this jar is the shape, which Tonita originated, with the very sharp shoulder. The entire bowl is fired and the area from the shoulder to the rim is painted.  The design is a bird feather and lightning design.  There is also a very unusual comb-like pattern, which is meant to represent wind and rain.  The bowl has been traditionally fired outside, so there are color variations from gunmetal to brown. There is a small area of black and brown below the shoulder which is most likely from a piece of wood touching the piece during the firing.  It might also be from the Tonita herself touching the piece with some wood, as early potters would often touch the pots with a stick during the firing to give them character.  Either way it is part of the charm of the firing process.  The bowl is from the late 1920’s and signed, “Tonita”.  It is in very good condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.

In stock

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