Sahmie, Ida – Bowl with Rainbow Yei and Yei-bi-Chi

5.75"w x 2.5"h

$ 825.00

This is a creative bowl by Ida Sahmie.  The piece has a sharp shoulder and it is fully stone polished on the outside.  The shoulder has a rainbow Yei figure encircling the piece.  The red is polished and the black is bee-weed (a plant) that is incised with a line.  There is detail on the face and skirt.  When the bowl is lifted up, the inside is painted with the face of the lead Yei-bi-Chi dancer, also known as “Talking God”.  You can see the eyes, corn stalk in the center, and the nose.  The surrounding area has a “splattered” appearance meant to represent the earth.  The piece was traditionally fired outdoors.  It is signed on the bottom, “Ida Sahmie 2021”.   Ida is the only Navajo potter creating this unique style of ethnographic pottery that captures the stories and world of Dine symbolism.