Sahmie Nampeyo, Rachel – Jar with Awatovi Mural Bird

3.75"w x 2.25"h

$ 125.00

Rachel Sahmie is a daughter of noted potter Priscilla Nampeyo and a descendant of Nampeyo of Hano.  She is a sister of noted potters Jean Sahmie and Bonnie Sahmie.  This jar is inspired by the ancient mural at Awatovi, which was located near Hopi. The murals were painted on the kiva walls and were complex in design.  This is the Awatovi style bird (parrot) along with cloud, wind, and star patterns.  It was traditionally fired which creates a very slight blush on the surface.  The bowl is signed on the bottom with her name “Koo Loo Nampeyo”.  Shipping is included.