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Sanchez, Russell – Gunmetal Box with Bear Lid

Sanchez, Russell – Gunmetal Box with Bear Lid

3.5"w x 4"h (w/ lid)
$ 4,400.00
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Spectacular!  While Russell Sanchez is well known for the distinctive pottery and not only the polishing and shapes but the firing. This amazing box has been fire to a near perfect gunmetal finish with a very metallic appearance.  The box has  a square shape with flat sides and a bear lid.  Two of the sides have incised medallions with deer.  Each deer is in a different position.  The medallions are surrounded by a band of turquoise hei-shi beads.  The opposite sides have incised lightning designs.  Russell is one of the few potters working today who can create the full gunmetal color in his firing and it is spectacular!  The hei-shi beads used in Russell’s pottery are all handmade by the Calabaza family of Santo Domingo pueblo.

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