Sanchez, Russell – Waterfall Rim Open Bowl

5.75"w x 2.75"h

$ 2,400.00

This is a simple but very elegant open bowl by Russell Sanchez.  The shape of the bowl is a classic one for San Ildefonso for holding water.  The interior of the bowl is fully polished and the rim is carved with 36 melon ribs to create a “water fall” rim.  The symmetry of them give the bowl a unique appearance in terms of how the light reflects off the edge.  There is almost a silvery-gunmetal appearance to the rim which seems heightened by the deep black interior.  The exterior is a highly polished and slipped mica, which has a metallic appearance after the firing. While the bowl may seem simple in form, there is an inherent complexity to having it seem so strong with no design.  It is certianly always the challenge to an artist like Russel to restrain themselves and let the clay, form, polish and firing speak for itself.  That is the voice given to this bowl.  The bowl is signed on the bottom in the clay, “Russell”. Russell uses these historic elements to keep them alive on his contemporary pottery.  It is signed on the bottom in the clay, ‘Russell”.

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