Santiago, Roseta – “Serenity”, Oil & Gold Leaf on Panel, (36″ x 36″)

36" x 36" unframed 37" x 37" framed

$ 8,000.00

Roseta Santiago is known for her dynamic realistic paintings.  History reverberates in each of her paintings.  Roseta Says of her art:

“The things that inspire me are the historical artifacts, historical people.  My models are people with whom I spend time and who have something to reveal. It’s always about inner beauty. It’s mainly the interior of a person or thing. I can almost experience a pot being made when I paint it. I just see what the potter went through.” 

She is best known for her luminous still life and figurative paintings of Native peoples and artifacts portrayed with dramatic lighting, Santiago is a master at chiaroscuro.  She uses mostly living models, although a few historic people taken from photographs weave their way into her art.  She says one of her goals is to honor Native American culture through her portrayals in her art. 

This painting is entitled, “Serenity“.  It is an oil and gold leaf on panel. The painting seems simple, yet there is a drama in the blanket and the gold leaf.  The piece is signed, “Santiago”.  Roseta said of this painting:

“The “halo” appearance is not necessarily specifically religious.  It’s emphasizing the importance of beauty and serenity. I find that kind of beauty to be astounding.  I use white cloth as a symbol of purity.  I use it in both still life paintings and with people. It’s to honor who is in it or what it on it.  This painting is simply a message about beauty.”

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