Sarracino, Myron – 10″ Tall Jar with Swirls and Rain Designs

9"w x 10.25"h

$ 600.00

Myron Sarracino is one of the few Laguna potters working today.  He learned to make pottery from Gladys Paquin and creates pieces that are thin-walled and tightly painted. This large jar has a full shape to create a lot of designs on the surface.  The jar has large Tularose swirls in the center.  They are inspired by the Tularosa pottery of the 1150-1325 era (see last photo).  The Tularosa swirls are filled in with thin lines.  Above and below are larger lightning, rain, and cloud designs.  The cloud designs are highlighted with red and orange clay.  The faces in the design are the cloud spirits.  The jar is elegantly painted and fully designed. Note on the rim that there is a  painted “spirit line”, which is where the “spirit” of the painter is able to leave the piece and it is also a tribute to the potters who came before.  It is seen on much older Acoma and Laguna pottery.  The jar is signed on the bottom, “Myron Sarracino”.