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Sarracino, Myron – Tall Jar with Plants & Cloud Swirls

Sarracino, Myron – Tall Jar with Plants & Cloud Swirls

8"w x 9"h
$ 400.00
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Myron Sarracino is one of the few Laguna potters working today.  He learned to make pottery from Gladys Paquin and creates pieces which are thin-walled and tightly painted. The imagery on much of his pottery is derived from pre-historic pottery designs. This jar has an elongated shape.  Around the neck are cloud pattern while around the body of the piece are classic Acoma plant patterns.  Separating the plants are cloud swirls painted with thin lines.  Near the base are mountain step designs.  The black and white coloration gives this jar both an ancient and very contemporary appearance.  Note on the rim that there is a  painted “spirit line”, which is where the “spirit” of the painter is able to leave the piece.  It is seen on much of the historic Acoma and Laguna pottery.  It is signed on the bottom.

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