Setalla, Dee – Large Tile with Butterfly Maiden

8" x 9"

$ 400.00

Dee Setalla is a son of noted potter Pauline Setalla and a brother of Stetson Setalla, Gwen Setalla, and Agnes Setalla.  This large tile is fully polished on the front and back.  It is painted with bee-weed (black) and clay slips.  The design is a very traditional Hopi-Tewa Butterfly Maiden Katsina.  Note the complexity of the tablita, manta, and surrounding designs.  It is very intricately designed and there are three different colors of clay to accent the design.  It has been traditionally fired to create the blushes on the surface. The tile is signed with his name and bear paw (for Bear Clan).  Most recently, Dee won the prestigious “Helen Naha” Award at Santa Fe Indian Market in 2019.