Setalla, Stetson – Tile with Hummingbird and Stars

8.25" x 3.5"

$ 185.00

Stetson Setalla is a son of noted potter Pauline Setalla and the brother of Dee Setalla and Gwen Setalla.  This long tile is fully polished.  It has a large hummingbird (or Hummingbird moth) surrounded by stars.  It is painted with bee-weed (black) and additional brown and red clay.  There are strong blushes from the firing. It is signed on the back “S. Setalla” and a raincloud.

“Did you know?  This design is usually called a “hummingbird” pattern. However, in reality, it is most likely the depiction of a hawk or “hummingbird” moth (Manduca quinquemaculata), which has a flexible proboscis.  The figure above the large eye represents the feathery antennae of the hawk moth.”