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Shutiva, Stella – Long Neck Jar with Corrugated Design

Shutiva, Stella – Long Neck Jar with Corrugated Design

7.5"w x 9.75"h
$ 550.00
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Stella Shutiva was renown for her corrugated pottery.  Her style was inspired by pre-historic style corrugated vessels.  This long neck jar is fully polished on the rim and the body.  The neck is corrugated with designs impressed into the clay.  The long rows are the actual coils, while the round sections are where she indented the clay.  She created a striking flow of design on the jar.  The piece is signed, “S. Shutiva” and it is in very good condition.  There are no cracks, restoration or repair. There is a small chip on the rim which can be seen in the second to the last photo. 

In stock

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