Silas, Bobby – Jar with Eagle Tail Design

11"w x 5"h

$ 850.00

Bobby Silas is a creative potter reviving ancient designs for his contemporary pottery. This jar is inspired by the Sikyatki pottery from the 1300-1600 period.   It was from the Sikyaki pottery that Nampeyo of Hano created her pottery revival in the late 1800s.  This jar has a wide shoulder and a short neck with a slightly turned-out rim. The style of the jar has both a Sikyatki form.  The design is a classic eagle tail pattern that extends to the side of the jar. There are great blushes from the firing on the surface of the jar.  Bobby’s goal is to give his pottery the appearance of the ancient Sikyatki vessels in form, design, and surface.  It is signed on the bottom with a coyote track (Coyote Clan) and his name.  It’s exciting to see an artist delve into the past for inspiration.