Silas, Bobby – Jar with Katsina and Sikyatki Bird Designs

6"w x 4"h

$ 250.00

Bobby Silas is a creative potter reviving ancient designs for his contemporary pottery. This jar has a round body and a turned-out rim. The piece is painted with clay slips and bee-weed.  The jar has a series of designs inspired by both Hopi-Tewa and Sikyatki imagery. There are a Broadface katsina, stars, clouds, parrot and eagle feather designs as the jar is turned.  His pieces are meant to have the style and visual appearance of the ancient Sikyatki pottery of the 1300-the 1600s.  The jar is signed on the bottom with a coyote track (Coyote Clan) and his name.  It’s exciting to see an artist delve into the past for inspiration.