Silas, Bobby – Jar with Kiva Mural Designs, Corn Stalks and Pottery

7"w x 7.25"h

$ 800.00

Bobby Silas is a creative potter reviving ancient designs for his contemporary pottery. This jar is fully painted with complex designs inspired by the Kiva mural designs from both Pottery Mound (NM) and Awatovi (AZ).  The design has two figures holding corn stalks.  Separating them are pottery designs with corn and pollen patterns.  Above the pottery is a rainbow design.  There are dragonflies and stars in the skies. The jar is signed on the bottom with his name a coyote track (Coyote Clan).  The last photos are Bobby holding some of his recent work.  There are also examples of the painting in the kiva murals at Awatovi and Pottery Mound.  It’s exciting to see an artist delve into the past for inspiration.