Simpson, Rose – “Return of Saturn” Series Clay Bust on Metal Stand (2016)

Clay Bust: 8.5" x 12" On Metal Stand: 15.75"h

$ 9,800.00

Rose Simpson is one of the exciting innovative potters working today.  She is a daughter of noted potter Roxanne Swentzell.  This piece is one of her clay busts.  It is her classic slab work with leather attached after firing.  In the “Lit” exhibit at the Wheelwright Museum in Santa Fe, NM, it was said, “Rose, who through self-portraiture celebrates her ancestral culture, car culture, motherhood, and the milestones, confronts her fears and regrets, and portrays the observations and mediations of a young woman far advanced for her years.”   Her technique is slap-slab.  She says it is a metaphor, “Like we’re smashed like we’ve been broken, and the pieces are on the floor and we’re just holding it together”.  Rose said, “I”m just making myself.  It’s all self-portraits because that’s the only way I can figure out myself.  So, it’s just me working out my stuff.”  The clay bust sits on a metal stand/mount Rose made for the pieces in this series.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.  Rose continues to expand her style in various museum exhibitions around the US and create new and more dynamic works in clay.