Speckled Rock, Paul – “Feathered Flight” Bronze 12/20 (1978)

5.5"w x 5"H

$ 500.00

Paul Speckled Rock is a grandson of Severa Tafoya but learned to make pottery from Joseph Lonewolf (his then father-in-law).  Paul’s son Adam Speckled Rock has made pottery, as well as his niece, Jennifer Tafoya.  This is one of his series of bronzed with different Pueblo Dancers. This piece is entitled, “Feathered Fight”  It has two Santa Clara eagle Dancers.  They are very intricately designed.  The piece was cast in 1978 and it is 12/20. It is numbered on the top (see photo).  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.