Speckled Rock, Paul – “Mask of Kiva Spirits” Ink Drawing, 1976, with Ribbon

5.5" x 7" unframed 9.25" x 11.25" framed

$ 375.00

Paul Speckled Rock is a grandson of Severa Tafoya but learned to make pottery from Joseph Lonewolf.  While we know him for his pottery, he actually began as a painter!  This is one of his acrylic paintings from 1976. It is entitled, “Mask of Kiva Spirits”.  The piece is ink on paper. The painting is in the original frame from the artist.  It has a blue ribbon from the “1st Annual Midwest American Indian Show and Sale”.  It is a detailed piece and in excellent condition.  It is signed on the front, ‘Paul Speckled Rock”.