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Suina, Dena – Storyteller with 28 Kids

Suina, Dena – Storyteller with 28 Kids

5.5"long x 8"h
$ 850.00
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Dena Suina (b. 1961) learned to make pottery from her mother-in-law, Louise Suina and she began making her own pieces around 1991.  Dena’s unique style of storytellers is of a traditional Cochiti storyteller, but with crisply painted detailed lines, very small children and exquisite painting.   This storyteller is a larger piece and there are 28 kids.  Note as well the very intricate painting on the necklace and the dress.  On the back of the piece, there is a painted Thunderbird. Dena has won numerous awards for her storytellers over the years at Santa Fe Indian Market and other events.  The piece is signed on the bottom “Dena Suina”.

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