Tafoya, LuAnn – 13″ Tall Red Double Shoulder Water Jar with Bear Paws

11"w x 13"h

$ 6,800.00

This is a classic double shoulder water jar by LuAnn Tafoya.  She is known for her highly polished traditional Santa Clara pottery.  This jar is a double shoulder water jar. LuAnn has said of this style of her pottery:

For the double-band water jar, you have to start polishing early in the morning, and it takes about five or six hours to polish
that whole piece. Then, when it’s drying, that’s when I put the bear paw on all four sides. That means the directions of the east,
west, south, north. I have to slip and polish on the whole jar at one time so that I can finish it evenly. It would be impossible to do
just half of it. It’s difficult, but you have to polish the whole thing.  It is more difficult when you are making the double band on the shoulder of a water jar. When it is wet, what I do, I have to put my hand inside to push the band inward. Using one finger, I place it against the top band from the inside and push it out. Sometimes you push it out a little bit too far, and it cracks. The clay can’t be too dry, and if it’s too wet it won’t hold. .”  LuAnn Tafoya, Spoken Through Clay

The jar has a wide shoulder and an elongated neck. There are four bear paws impressed into the clay.  After the bear paws are impressed, then the entire piece is fully polished.    Did you know that the whole piece has to be polished at one time?  Otherwise, the clay slip will dry and it won’t be as shiny in appearance.  The jar was fired to a striking red coloration.  LuAnn is one of the few potters making pieces of such quality and historic continuity.  The jar is signed on the bottom in the clay, “LuAnn Tafoya”.   It is an exceptional example of her skill, creativity, and commitment to traditional Santa Clara pottery.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.  Definitely a piece of history in clay!