Tafoya, LuAnn – Jar with Raindrop Rim and Rain Designs

8.5"w x 7.5"h

$ 2,400.00

This is a perfectly polished new jar by LuAnn Tafoya.  She is a daughter of Margaret Tafoya and learned to make large vessels from her mother.  This jar is one of her wide shapes with a “scalloped” or “raindrop” rim.  The rim has eight ridges.  The top is fully polished, as is the top of the rim.  The jar is carved with a mountain, rain, and lightning pattern.  Near the rim is a small etched bear paw, a symbol of good luck.  The entire piece is fully stone polished to a high shine.  It is signed on the bottom in the clay, “LuAnn Tafoya”.  The pottery of LuAnn Tafoya is an important continuation of the traditions of her family and the pueblo. 

LuAnn said of this style of her pottery:

“I like making that scallop rim. I make six or eight scalloped ridges after the top is dry. Then I take the excess clay off and sand it to smooth it off. I saw my mom make these. She’d put on the scallop while it was still kind of damp. Me, I do it after it’s all dry. My dad told me about the water waves and mountain designs. The straight lines mean a path, and it’s always on there.”  LuAnn Tafoya, Spoken Through Clay